The intelligent access to blockchain technology
with AA commercial real estate.

A profitable combination: professional commercial real estate and blockchain technology investments with attractive returns and strictly reduced risk. BaFin-registered since March 2018.

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Fund innovation of the year

The first BaFin-registered fund that combines innovative crypto currencies with AA commercial real estate as a secure anchor. Benefit from professional commercial real estate, inflation-protected rental income and the possibilities of the largest blockchain technology innovations. Transparent and stable in value.

BITREAL Real Estate Blockchain Opportunities Fund 1 combines all this features in one word: BREBCO1.

Most secure real estate in Germany
Our investment strategy focuses exclusively on the best commercial properties in the top 10 economic regions of Germany – Maximum security and profitability.
Investment directly in cryptocurrencies
Invest directly using cryptocurrencies or alternatively in FIAT money – according to your needs. You also have the flexibility to choose between both alternatives for distributions.
The natural hedge for crypto portfolios
The BREBCO1 combines the best of both worlds with a stable real estate component and an innovative blockchain technology component. Ideal for securing existing cryptocurrency gains.

Investment Thesis: An Innovative Strategy

Blockchain technology-based coins, tokens and virtual currencies are one of the most potential innovations of the 21st century. Especially for investors, cryptocurrencies and tokens are an interesting asset class with attractive return potential. But a blind purchase involves risks and high fluctuations in value. So how do you manage to enter this rapidly developing technology without taking unnecessary risks?

In our unique investment approach, we focus on a proven strategy developed by capital market researchers and Nobel laureates such as Fischer Black in the 1980s. A high proportion of very stable assets with a smaller proportion of promising block-chain technology-based coins, tokens and virtual currencies can significantly reduce the risk – while at the same time offering high return opportunities. 

Professional AA commercial real estate investments in Germany

BREBCO1 invests a large part of the collected capital (approx. 75%) in first-class AA commercial properties in the top 10 economic regions in one of the best real estate markets in the world: Germany. Real estate is not just real estate. Thanks to our strict focus on core commercial properties with highly solvent tenants and long-term, inflation-protected leases, we can achieve attractive returns even without blockchain technology. The added value for our investors: The commercial properties we select are inaccessible to private individuals, but can be invested in through BREBCO1.

Targeted investments in highly profitable blockchain technologies

The high-value stability of the selected AA commercial properties makes it possible to invest the expected income at maturity of the fund in promising blockchain technology-based coins, tokens and virtual currencies right from the start. The BREBCO1 fund is thus characterized by an attractive risk-return ratio that is difficult to find in the current low-interest rate environment.

Future inflation as a profit factor

But our approach does not end here. By investing in BREBCO1, you are relying on one of the most exciting investments and macro trends of our time. The highlight of our approach: the inflation-protected real estate as well as the deflationary cryptocurrencies, which are subject to upward pressure, are partly financed by inflationary FIAT money. In simple terms: In addition to commercial real estate and blockchain technology investments, the investor benefits from long-term inflation (currency devaluation, approx. 1% – 2% p.a.).

Withdraw your gains via Euro or Bitcoin & Co.

The result: a valuable investment with lower volatility and correlation compared to traditional investments. BREBCO1 share can be used particularly effectively to take advantage of the long-term opportunities in the high-class commercial real estate market in Germany and at the same time secure existing price gains in cryptocurrencies. This is because there is no need for a prior exchange into euros or US dollars when buying a stake in BREBCO1. Invest Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. directly in BREBCO1.

Selected advantages of an investment in BREBCO1

Profitable hedging investment
An investment in BREBCO1 is possible directly via crypto currencies. The profit can be secured by a stable commercial real estate component.
High legal standards and compliance with all relevant regulations as well as a regular review by objective third parties.
Premium real estate locations
Our targeted locations are no coincidence. We invest in the top 10 economic regions in the best real estate market in the world: Germany.
Smart Contracts
We check all blockchain technology-based coins, tokens and virtual currencies up to smart contract level.
100% transparent
The current status of the investment is communicated directly in quarterly reports.
Covered by real value
BREBCO1 is covered by stable and profitable AA commercial properties. This creates real intrinsic value.
Smart investment strategy
Certainly the first investment of this kind: The BITREAL-3-component.concept. Long real estate, long crypto, short FIAT money.
Experienced team
Our team has extensive experience in private equity real estate, asset management, transaction advisory, IT, blockchain consulting and corporate finance.
Strong historical performance
Real estate is our passion. With more than 20 years of experience in the real estate market, we understand the business.
External assessments
Security is our highest principle: All properties are assessed annually by independent external appraisers.
Flexible deposit
Invest in BREBCO1 either directly with cryptocurrencies or alternatively in FIAT money (Euro).
Flexible payout
You can also decide for yourself whether you want to receive cryptocurrencies or Euro as an alternative.
High diversification
BREBCO1 diversifies its crypto portfolio by low correlation with the relevant cryptocurrencies and low volatility.
Competitive cost structures
The BREBCO1 impresses with optimized cost structures.
Extensive transaction experience
Our team managed more than 10 billion euros of real estate assets and was directly responsible for more than 7,000 transactions.

BITREAL Capital Team

Boris Hardi Bitreal Capital

Boris Hardi

Managing Partner

Boris Hardi holds a bachelor degree in Real Estate and Mortgage Lending Expert (TÜV) with over 20 years of experience in the private equity real estate, banking and stock market environment, and is founder as well as CEO of BITREAL Capital GmbH. In his career, he has been Senior Director at Hudson Advisors Germany (Lone Star Servicer), Executive Director at Paratus LLC (Fortress Involved Servicer), Managing Director and Deputy Real Estate Director at FMS Wertmanagement AöR, Head of Real Estate Germany at SABAL Financial, an Oaktree Capital Management Servicer and Board Member of the real estate company Consus Commercial Property AG. Mr. Hardi manages the operative business of BITREAL Capital and is responsible for the investment strategy and the entire real estate transaction process.

Since the summer of last year, family offices and private individuals have been asking more and more about how and in which virtual currencies, coins and tokens they can invest sensibly and professionally. How can we participate in the appreciation of blockchain technology without having to accept high volatility or even a total loss? Our answer is the BREBCO1 fund, which is now officially registered in Germany by the BaFin. Through close cooperation with regulatory authorities and leading international commercial and tax law firms, we are able to provide a serious entry into this increasingly important asset class.” 

Boris Hardi

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BREBCO1 is a special AIF which may only be distributed to professional and semi-professional German investors.
Minimum investment: 500.000 EUR