Our acquisition profile

Bitreal Capital and its BRECO Funds differentiates itself from traditional real estate investors through its share of cryptocurrency holdings and by its dynamic equity capital and thus is a well-known bidder. Bitreal Capital basically works together with brokers in order to jointly execute the optimal transaction with real estate sellers.

Search Profile for Germany

Set of requirements for potential BITREAL Capital Real Estate

Type of Commercial Property
  • Functional office properties (multi or single tenants)
  • Office share holding at least 80%
  • Sufficient car parking
  • Able to be used for third parties
Leasing Situation
  • Long term lease contracts of at least 7 years remaining term
  • Occupancy rate of at least 90%
  • Market standard indexing and indexation clause
  • Top 10 economic regions in Germany
  • Central office locations
  • Good connections to public transit
  • Good local supply situation in immediate surroundings
Condition of the Property
  • New constructions
  • Like-new properties (build years later than 2000 preferred)
  • Older properties in revitalized condition
Lease Holder Credit
  • Reputable firms as main tenant
  • Good to very good credit
Purchase Price
  • Asset or share deal, forward deal structure possible
  • Purchase price volume per property between 8 million euros and 35 million euros
  • Fast settlement preferred

Advantages of BITREAL Capital GmbH

The founder of BITREAL Capital GmbH (with headquarters in Munich) can look back on decades- long experience in private equity real estate transactions and therefore can guarantee a high level of transaction quality and speed.

For a quick preliminary review, please submit a complete lease summary with sales particulars and contact us directly by phone or e-mail.

  • Short term proposal submittal
  • Exclusive and semi-exclusive LOI for DD timeframe of 4-6 weeks possible
  • Standardized commissioning of due diligence
  • High transaction security
  • Fast transaction speed (4-6 weeks)