The first Special AIF with
Core Real Estate and
Virtual Currencies

Invest in Germany’s best Properties.
Direcly by using Bitcoin, Ether & Co.

Bitreal Capital is starting the BRECO Fund Initial Equity Offering

The BITREAL Coin will be the first property-backed coin worldwide.
Profit from AA German commercial properties, sound rental income, and the possibilities of the largest cryptocurrencies. Transparent and stable value.

Direct investment in cryptocurrencies
Invest directly using cryptocurrencies or optionally in FIAT currency – based on your interests. You also have the flexibility of choosing to have your dividends paid out in either alternative.
The safest properties of Germany
Our investment strategy relies exclusively on the best commercial properties in the Top 10 economic regions of Germany. With the highest safety and profitability.
The natural hedge in the crypto portfolio
The tangible assets backing gives BITREAL Coin a real intrinsic value and functions as a natural protective mechanism.

Investment Thesis:
Our Core Aspects

Where exactly is the real value of cryptocurrencies? Is Bitcoin, Ether and Ripple in a bubble? Assets-backed cryptocurrencies give an answer to these and many more questions – by being backed with real intrinsic value. Thus, we use the opportunities of the cryptocurrency market while simultaneously reducing the risk of loss. Our credo: unlimited opportunities with limited risk. We simultaneously reduce volatility through our diversified approach. Additionally, the investment needs no banks, depositaries or clearing houses and thus saves costs, because it is stored transparently and with 100% security in the ERC 20 Ethereum Blockchain Protocol and cannot be modified retrospectively. How do we put these ideas into action?

Backed by TOP commercial properties

Our assets-backed cryptocoin will be called BITREAL Coin and be secured using limited partner shares in BRECO1 Investment KG. It invests a large part of the capital (ca. 75%) in first-class AA commercial properties in the Top 10 economic regions in one of the best property markets worldwide: Germany. Backing the BITREAL Coin using tangible assets gives it, aside regular rental income, an intrinsic, unambiguously determinable value, which functions as a natural protection (hedge) in turbulent periods.

Long Cryptocurrencies & Short FIAT Currency

However, our approach does not end here. With BITREAL you are opting for one of the most interesting investments and macro-trends of the present day. A considerable part of the capital (ca, 25%) will be invested in promising cryptocurrencies to be able to profit from long-term price advances. The highlight: the inflation-protected properties and the deflationary, i.e. subject to appreciation pressure, cryptocurrencies, will be financed using inflationary FIAT currency (Euro). Apart from the investments in AA commercial properties and cryptocurrencies, the investor profits from long-term inflation (monetary depreciation, 1% to 2% p.a.) in FIAT currency.

Real intrinsic value

The result: a sound cryptocurrency with low volatility and correlation to Bitcoins and Altcoins as well as an above average return compared to the entire market. The BRECO1 portion or BITREAL Coin can be used particularly effectively to take advantage of long-term opportunities in the high-class commercial properties market in Germany and/or to protect existing price advances in cryptocurrencies by exchanging Bitcoins or Altcoins for BRECO1 shares or BITREAL Coins. Prior conversion to euros or US dollars etc. is not necessary.

The BITREAL Business Model


Invest via cryptocurrencies

BITREAL enables investors direct entry into first-class commercial properties in the Top 10 economic regions of Germany using cryptocurrencies. Prior conversion to euros is not strictly necessary. It is for exactly this reason that our investments can serve as “safe harbors” for high cryptocurrency profits. Others have the option to get exposure to cryptocurrencies at very limited risk.


Purchase of commercial properties

After our subscription phase, we shall select the first properties from our extensive network. As of today, the Bitreal can fall back on an acquisition pipeline of suitable properties worth over 200 million euros. After carrying out financial, technical, and commercial Due Diligence as well as evaluation by independent third parties (“Audit”), the property is acquired.


03. Financing through FIAT currency

Through the high intrinsic value of our properties and an above-averagely high equity share, it is possible for us to subsequently partially finance the acquired properties. While collecting the rental income of the entire property, we subsequently have a capital-efficient cash position at our disposal.


Building up a crypto portfolio

This cash position forms the speculative part of our investment, but is protected as part of our investment strategy. We thus carry out long-term investments in a diversified cryptocurrency basket, to be able to profit from a sustained appreciation of Bitcoin, and Co. You thus utilize the opportunities of worldwide cryptocurrencies at limited risk.


BITREAL has big plans for the next 12 months. After the successful founding, sale (Initial Equity Offering) of BRECO1 shares to investors shall kick-off in January 2018. Professional and semi-professional investors will be able to subscribe to BRECO1. Simultaneously, we are holding regular talks with Germany’s financial industry regulator, the BaFin, to turn our IEO to the first ICO in the regulated German property investment market.

Oktober 2017

BITREAL Capital GmbH has been founded

Dezember 2017

Finalization of Whitepaper v1.0

Dezember 2017

Kickoff of development of Smart Contracts

Januar 2018

Start of reservation period for BRECO1

Februar 2018

Expansion of our real estate asset pipeline.

März 2018

BaFin registration and official launch of BRECO1 sales

August 2018

First subsidiary in Sinagpore