Investment Thesis

What investing in BITREAL Capital means for you.

A challenge with opportunities

Cryptocurrencies had well and truly made their way into the mass market by 2017. Hardly any investor has not yet heard of spectacular four-figure price gains within a few months — or has even personally already made such substantial gains.

While the high value of technological innovations related to blockchain is undisputed, it is still noteworthy that only few investors had actually expected such high profits in cryptocurrencies. This scenario also harbors risks.

In times when new record highs are achieved every day for Bitcoin and Altcoins, market participants often disregard the ever-increasing downside potential. Will the trend continue? What is the actual intrinsic value of Bitcoin? With which values is Bitcoin exactly covered?

Crypto enthusiasts, in particular, are currently attracting significant profits for the first time in their investment career, yet have little experience in managing portfolio hedges.

Indicative global search queries for “Bitcoin” and “Gold” in comparison. Based on relevant searches, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been more popular than the well-known precious metal since 2017.

The advantages of BITREAL Capital and the BRECO1 Fund Series

Profitable and secure investment
Investments in BRECO1 can be made directly via cryptocurrencies. The fund is characterized by a high level of security.
Flexible payout
When it comes to payouts, you can also decide for yourself whether you want to receive cryptocurrencies or euros.
Strong real estate locations
Our choice of locations is no coincidence. We invest in the top 10 economic regions in the best real estate market worldwide: Germany.
Smart Contracts
High level of security and transparency through smart contracts. These regulate the use of funds, stock, and profit distributions.
100% transparent
Transactions, distributions, real estate investments, and properties can always be viewed in the blockchain
Covered by real value
BRECO1 is covered by highly stable and profitable AA commercial real estate. This creates real intrinsic value.
Smart investment strategy
Undoubtedly the first investment of this kind: the BITREAL 3-component concept. Long real estate, long crypto, short FIAT money.
An experienced Team
Our team has extensive experience in private equity real estate, asset management, transaction advisory services, IT, blockchain consulting, and corporate finance.
Strong historical performance
Real estate is our lifeblood. With over 20 years experience in the real estate market, we understand the business.
External reports
Security is our main priority: All properties are valued annually by independent external experts.
Flexible deposits
Invest in BRECO1 either directly with cryptocurrencies or alternatively with FIAT money (euros).
High level of diversification
BRECO1 diversifies your cryptoportfolio through low correlation with the relevant cryptocurrencies and a small fluctuation range.
Competitive cost structures
One of the cheapest special AIFs? BRECO1 impresses with below-average cost structures.
Extensive transaction experience
Our team has managed real estate assets worth more than more than €10 billion and has been directly responsible for over 7,000 transactions.
High legal standards and compliance with all relevant regulations as well as regular reviews by objective third parties (auditors)

The solution:
Asset-backed cryptocurrencies

Asset-backed cryptocurrencies provide an answer to this question, as they exploit the opportunities of virtual currencies while simultaniously limiting downside risk and volatility. The result is a new cryptocurrency with less risk while still being able to profit from price appreciations. Furthermore, an investment in asset-backed cryptocurrencies does not need banks, a depositary or clearings, because it is logged in the ERC-20 Ethereum Blockchain protocol – 100% secure and transparent. How do we do this?

Backed by AA-rated
commercial core real estate

Our assets-backed cryptocoin will be called BITREAL Coin and be secured using limited partner shares in BRECO1 Investment KG. It invests a large part of the capital (ca. 75%) in first-class AA commercial properties in the Top 10 economic regions in one of the best property markets worldwide: Germany. Backing the BITREAL Coin using tangible assets gives it, aside regular rental income, an intrinsic, unambiguously determinable value, which functions as a natural protection (hedge) in turbulent periods.

Long Cryptocurrencies &
Short FIAT Currency

However, our investment does not end here. With BITREAL you are opting for one of the most interesting investments and macro-trends of the present day. A considerable part of the capital (ca, 25%) will be invested in promising cryptocurrencies to be able to profit from long-term price advances. The highlight: the inflation-protected properties and the deflationary, i.e. subject to appreciation pressure, cryptocurrencies, will be financed using inflationary FIAT currency (Euro). Apart from the investments in AA commercial properties and cryptocurrencies, the investor profits from long-term inflation (monetary depreciation, 1% to 2% p.a.) in FIAT currency.

Real intrinsic value

The result: a sound cryptocurrency with low volatility and correlation to Bitcoins and Altcoins as well as an above average return compared to the entire market. The BRECO1 portion or BITREAL Coin can be used particularly effectively to take advantage of long-term opportunities in the high-class commercial properties market in Germany and/or to protect existing price advances in cryptocurrencies by exchanging Bitcoins or Altcoins for BRECO1 shares or BITREAL Coins. Prior conversion to euros or US dollars etc. is not necessary.